Thursday, 9 February 2017

Colour change on my model

After taking my photos and loading them on to the computer I noticed that my model had some small imperfections on her skin such as a red nose and lighter patches of skin on her forehead where her makeup had rubbed off. To fix this I created a new layer and then used the colour tool and picked up the colour of her skin around the imperfection, I then coloured over the imperfection trying to follow the natural curves of her face. This will make the colour look better but will not blend very well into her natural skin, so I changed the opacity on the layer that I coloured in until I was satisfied with it. I then took the blur and smudge tools and gently dragged the original skin and the colour placed on top until it looked natural. I done this technique on her nose and also the high points of her face where her skin looked patchy.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Drop shadow

I had a reoccurring problem when doing my text on my magazine. Due to different colours on my magazine, the text that I put on was not always visible. To fix this problem I added a drop shadow on my text, the white drop shadow that I added on my front cover created a slight glow around it which allowed the black text to be seen against her hair. I also added a drop shadow on my introduction on my double page spread, because the text was a light grey it was hard to see against the white background. A slight red drop shadow on the text made it much easier to be seen and added an extra detail that brought in more colours from my house theme.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Double page spread

I did not want to put my article on my double page spread because I felt like it would look too cluttered and the text would not look how I wanted it to. So instead I decided to do a cover page for my article as my double page spread, this would include a picture of my model on one side with an introductory paragraph to my article on the other side.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Block colour on double page spread

On my double page spread I decided to use a block of colour on the page with the photo of my model, this was to break up the two pages so that it was easier to distinguish between them. I decided to use a light grey colour because it fits in with my house theme but it is also not too harsh like red or black which are the other main colours from the colour palette that i have used for my magazine. To do the block of colour I added the rulers onto the page so that I knew where the centre was and then drew a thin line down the centre. I then drew a rectangle shape and then changed the colour fill to the light grey. To finish I used the rubber tool to rub out the line that I drew down the centre.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Black box on my front cover

After changing my photo on my front cover some of the text that I had originally put there was no longer visible due to a background colour change from my new photo. This was a particular problem with the white text on the bottom of my magazine, instead of changing the colour of my text and risk my magazine using too much of the same colour text I used the shape tool to draw a black rectangle the size of the text and place it behind the white text so that it could be seen. This allowed the text to be seen a lot more easily and also drew in more colours from my house style.

The white text to the sides of her legs can now be seen without having to change my magazine too much.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Colour change on photoshop

Over the last few weeks when I have been editing my photos for my magazine I have experienced some problems with my models skin colour. Due to my model having red hair, the false tan that she wears can make her skin appear a lot more orange on camera than what it is in real life. To fix this i retook some of my photos against a white background instead of against a green screen, this made it a lot easier to edit the photos as there was no green glare on my model. Her skin had less orange tones because of this, however to further lighten her skin up I changed the brightness and contrast.
 Photo taken against green background- models skin looks orange.
Photo taken against white background- models skin is less orange and easier to work with.

I further edited my photos by going to 'Image'- 'Adjustments' - 'Brightness/ contrast' and I moved around the dials until I was happy with the final result.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Number colour change

Originally on my contents page I used red coloured font for the number pages on the photos, however after looking at it from a distance I noticed that this colour was not very visible or eye catching. To fix this I changed the font colour to white, this still fits into my original colour theme and makes the number a lot more visible.